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Smart Moves that Make Sense for the Eagles

2018 NFL Champions. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? While everybody in Philadelphia is happy with the team, there is still lots of room for improvement. These are moves that makes sense for more than 1 team, but mostly the Eagles.

  1. 1st Round Pick to Dolphins for Kenyan Drake+Matt Haack. There are several reasons why this trade might not work out, but both teams should consider it. For a start, Frank Gore will carry most of the workload for the Dolphins. Also, Dolphins 4th round pick Kaelen Ballage is training to be what Drake is now. So, the Eagles get in Drake miniature, younger Sproles that can run the ball and take over return duties, plus a new punter, Matt Haack, to replace Donnie Jones. Miami, meanwhile, can now use one of their 1st round picks (likely between 1st and 10th) on a Nick Bosa, and the Eagles pick, which will probably be 20-32, to get a QB. While top QBs Shea Patterson and Justin Herbert will probably be gone by then, Drew Lock and Will Grier, still considered top picks, will most likely be up there. And if Miami wants more in the trade, the Eagles can offer forgotten Wendell Smallwood or underrated Donnell Pumphrey, who can also be used in a Sproles-like way.
  2. Nate Sudfeld to the Jags for Dante Fowler Jr. This is one of the more risky moves. For a start, the Eagles would get Dante Fowler. That’s right, the 3rd pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. Fowler was a highly successful linebacker for Florida, and was considered by many to go to the Titans at pick No. 2. However, in preseason he tore his ACL and missed the season. In 2016, he had a limited role, with just 4 sacks and 32 tackles. Last season, he made just 21 tackles, but 8 sacks. The Jags declined his 5th year option, which means he will be a free agent in 2019. His other problem is off-field. On July 19th, 2017, Dante Fowler was arrested for punching a man who commented on his driving. Fowler than reportedly stomped on the man’s glasses and threw his grocery bag, containing liquor, into a lake. Another reason why this would be risky is because Sudfeld is a young, capable backup who is expected to replace Foles after next year. Foles will be a free agent next year, but it would be a bad idea to trade him, considering the possibility of Wentz missing the first few weeks this year. Sudfeld could handle that, but given Sudfeld has just 1 start to his name, the more experienced Foles would be a more reliable option. The Eagles could sign someone like Colt McCoy in 2019 to replace Foles, and then draft a QB in 3rd to 4th round like Ryan Finley. If he can put his off field antics to the side, Fowler has potential and will help a linebacker crew that will miss Mychal Kendricks. Sudfeld will than become a starter for the Jags in a trade that would work both ways.

In the coming days I’ll write the next options!

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To play Foles or not to play Foles, that is the question…

0-6. That was the pathetic score at the end of the Eagles-Cowboys matchup. I understand that Philadelphia had backups and in the playoffs we are going to run the ball, but 4-11 isn’t good enough for the NFL. It isn’t good enough for the CFL, AFL, GFL, LFA, IFL or CIF. Congrats, Nick Foles. You’ve earned a rich new contract in the Czech League of American Football if you play like that every day. However, Nate Sudfeld played with backups like he could take Philadelphia to the Super Bowl. And, as noted, he won’t have to throw 40 passes because Philadelphia are going to run the ball.

Nate Sudfeld was QB for Indiana U. While there, he posted numbers including first in passing touchdowns in Hoosiers history (61), along with passing yardage (7,879), 350-yard games (6), 300-yard games (11), 250-yard games (13), 200-yard games (19), four-touchdown games (5) and three-touchdown games (10), tied for first in 400-yard games (1), second in completion percentage (60.3) and completions (593), third in total offense (8,011) and fourth in attempts (983) on IU’s career lists in 37 games (26 starts).

He was cut by the Redskins, who might regret that if Kirk Cousins leaves. He has only thrown 23 passes, but unlike Foles, he was incredible with 19 for 23 and 134 yards with 0 turnovers. Sadly, these numbers were not good enough to get into the end zone, but he still was impressive.

I know what you are thinking: But can a 24-year-old get to the Super Bowl? Sure, he’s no Carson Wentz, who tore his ACL which put a slight damper on Eagles Super Bowl hopes, well, a huge damper, but either way, he can do it. The Eagles are young and talented, just like Sudfeld himself, and they have a solid collection of veterans such as Brent Celek and Patrick Robinson sprinkled in there as well. So, I believe the Eagles best shot while Wentz is hurt remains in the young arm of Nate Sudfeld.

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No Sturgis? No Problem.

Watch out, Caleb Sturgis. Philadelphia has a new kicker in town, and they are quite happy with him. In the opener at Washington, Sturgis was hurt and the Eagles announced he would be out at least 8 weeks. The Eagles held kicker tryouts, and Elliott was the winner. This is why Elliott could start instead of Sturgis.

  1. INJURY. By the time Sturgis is done his 8-week absence, he will have missed 11 games in just 4 seasons. The Eagles don’t want to have to be forced into action because Sturgis is out for the season.
  2. MONEY. Elliott makes $435,000 less than Sturgis a year, which would clear up a lot of cap space.  A good year for Elliott would get him a multiyear, $1,000,000 with a bonus close to $500,000. A good finale for Sturgis would get him multiyear, $3,000,000 with a bonus of $1,000,000. Elliott would save a lot of cap space.
  3. STRENGTH. You don’t cut a rookie who kicked the 7th longest FG in NFL history. You can, however, cut a kicker with a max of just 53 yards.

If my predictions are right in number 2, if the Eagles added 500k per year to the contract, and each kicker played 10 more years, these would be the stats:

Sturgis Total: About $62,500,000 or roughly $6,250,000 contract value

Elliott Total: About $42,500,000 or roughly $4,250,000 contract value

So, Elliott would save us millions and be our Adam Vinatieri.


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Owls get Blown Out in Collins’ Temple debut

Before the Notre Dame-Temple matchup, the question circling the Owls campus like a vulture was, “Who’s the Quarterback?”.  Now it is, “How long will Geoff Collins stay?” After a 49-16 loss, the Owls are already missing Matt Rhule. When Rhule was the coach, a much more talented Fighting Irish side struggled in a 24-20 victory. Now? Times have changed. Granted, Temple had a new quarterback, (more in paragraph 2), but so did Notre Dame. So, what went wrong?

  1. The Quarterback. Now, Logan Marchi had a good stat line in his first Temple game. He was 19-35 with 245 passing yards and 2 TDs. However, his play calling was not great, he clearly lacked leadership and experience, and he is not a mobile QB. He was sacked 3 times and rushed for a loss 1 time, which adds up for -21 yards. I would’ve started 3-star recruit Anthony Russo. Hopefully, Marchi will improve if there is no quarterback change.
  2. Special teams. Normally Temple shines here, with solid returners and Alex Starzyk and Austin Jones. Wrong. Two different returns got two total returns for two yards. Austin Jones was 1/2 and kicked just one PAT, and Starzyk had 6 punts with an average of 37.7 yards per punt and a long of 46.
  3. Missing star players. Last but not least, it was clear Temple missed some star players from the past. The O-line missed Dion Dawkins. Jahad Thomas, Robby Anderson, and PJ Walker were missed at skill positions, and Temple’s defense missed Matakevich, Praise Martin, and, well, everyone.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be at the Penn State game…

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Does Hackenberg want to be a Jet?

The Jets have flared up all kinds of controversy QB wise, not the least of which signing Josh McCown, an injury riddled QB with a below average arm and average QB smarts. The Jets will be McCown’s 7th team in 14 years. He averages just 1017 passing yards per season, throwing for below 2000 yards in 9 seasons. Ryan Leaf averaged more passing yards per season than McCown. McCown has never started all 16 games. McCown averages 5.64 passing TDs per season. McCown does, however, top Tom Brady in some categories, such as fewer interceptions per season with 4.92, because Brady has only missed 34 starts in his career, including his suspension, his injury and his career as a backup to Bledsoe to McCown’s 112 missed games. Still, after all these stats, the Jets want McCown over two young arms named Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. So where could Hackenberg go instead?

  1. Houston Texans. Where else? A reunion with former Penn State coach Bill O’Brien should be in the writing, and Houston needs someone else. Tom Savage might not be the most dependable next year, and I would be surprised if 1st round pick Deshaun Watson started a game. I think he’ll sit out, like what the Eagles did to Donovan McNabb. But then again, that is what we thought would happen to Carson Wentz…
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He won’t get to be starter, but there is a solid chance he could be 2nd string here. He could join an emerging team with a solid WR corps, including his fellow PSU man, Chris Godwin.
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars. Eventually, Blake Bortles will get benched. Chad Henne is good, but Hackenberg would be better.  The Jaguars have a history of signing PSU players, and last year had 7 on the roster. Familarity would do Hackenberg well, and he’ll get to play with his favorite WR, Allen Robinson.


Others: Steelers, Eagles, Titans, Panthers, 49ers

Think I’m missing one? Respond in comment box!


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Do wins really determine how good pitchers are?

Cy Young is the best pitcher in baseball. He has the most wins ever, and his career ERA is 2.63. But wins aren’t all that matter. To truly understand the best pitcher ever, one must go past the wins. Cy Young may have had the most wins, but he also had the most losses with 316. Cy Young never faced a steroid injected batter like McGwire or even a heavy hitter such as Albert Pujols. Heck, Cy Young never even faced Babe Ruth. His entire career, 1890 to 1911, was the dead ball era. Maybe the “worst pitcher of all time”, Jose Lima, would have won 800+ games in the dead ball era. So who really is the best pitcher of all time?

Nolan Ryan? He is also widely considered as best pitcher for most people, but not me. You have to be consistent as a pitcher, and just 32 more wins than losses aren’t consistent in my book. People trouble the Mets about losing him, but in his two seasons with them, he was 0-1 with a 15.00 ERA and then 6-9 with a 3.09 ERA. He won more than 20 games in a season just twice and lost more than 10 games 16 times in 27 seasons.

Randy Johnson? Not an option for many, but he comes close. He has most of the checkmarks, such as 300+ wins. The win to loss difference is 137. He owns a 3.29 career ERA, but he did not play for a team that struggled. His selection of teams was in fact rather good with bats.

Steve Carlton? Bullseye. In spite of the fact that he tried to keep his career going when it was already over, signing with the White Sox, Twins, Indians and Giants, he won 329 with a win to loss difference of 85 and an ERA of 3.22, including one season of 1.97 ERA in 41 starts. He also played for a team that struggled, winning 27 on a team that would have won just 32 games without him.

The AL’s two top Cy Young award contenders last year, Happ and Porcello, went a combined 42-8 last year, but are just 6-13 this year. Oh, and Happ’s injured. So maybe wins aren’t everything.

Think I missed anyone? Respond in the comment box!

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  1.  Find a Quarterback. Not another Josh McCown or Robert Griffin III, I mean a real Quarterback. Not a 5th round rookie named Cody Kessler. Malik Zaire is to…raw.  Why didn’t they just move WR Terrelle Pryor back to QB? Too late now…
  2. Change team name and looks. Several sites claim the Browns own one of the ugliest jerseys with the Brown and Orange uniforms. Paul Brown was disgusted when the team was named after him. The Tampa Bay Rays changed team names and jerseys in ’08 and made it to the Series. (They lost in 5 games to the Phils) What about something like the ‘Cleveland Carriers’ or ‘Cleveland Clampers’. Maybe not that last one, but still…
  3. Make the playoffs. The Browns haven’t made the playoffs since 2002 with Tim Couch. Enough said.

This list is much longer, but I just posted a few. I f the Browns do this, they could become playoff contenders.

Sorry to all Browns’ fans who were offended by this post.