Route to the Cup

He shoots…he scores! 4 Major teams (New York, Chicago, Anaheim and Tampa) have made it to the finals. All of them had a tragic story that kept them from winning the cup in 2014. New York lost the final to L.A. Tampa lost to Montreal in the playoffs. Anaheim and Chicago lost to L.A too. Veteran Kimmo Timonen got traded to the Blackhawks from the Flyers after the Flyers got eliminated from the playoffs. The best playoff moment for Chicago this year was probably when they beat the Wild 4 games to 0.

Anaheim has had a successful year, but mainly off of checking. Anaheim has been a painful team to play against but they need to watch their penalties. Their best playoff moment this year was when they beat Winnipeg 4 games to 0. New York has been all shots. With forwards Rick Nash and Martin St. Louis, they can shoot before you know it! New York’s best playoff moment this year was when they scored the game winner against Pittsburgh to win the first playoff round.

Tampa Bay has had very successful with goal tending. Towering Goalie Ben Bishop has been incredible this year when he needs to be. Tampa Bay’s best playoff moment this year was when they beat Detroit in game 7 to comeback from a 3-2 game deflicit.

That leaves us with questions. Who will win the Cup? Who are you rooting for in the playoffs? Watch the playoffs to find out question 1 and respond in the comment box to respond to question 2.


8 thoughts on “Route to the Cup

    1. Ash Yeo is Charlie’s grandpa’s best friend who lives in Singapore. His posted bio is as follows:
      Engaged with disciplines in Industrial Design, Fine Art, and Architecture, Ash has interests in evolving design approaches in his teaching at NUS, NTU, NAFA with keen interests in evolving an always fresh perspectives of objects, artworks, installation and environments into meaningful phenomenal engagements. Ash’s works are in collection of SAM, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in embassies throughout the world), NLB etc.

      Certificate of Merit, Art & Design Foundation, Leicester Polytechnic, UK 1989
      Distinction, MA Industrial Design, DeMonfort University, UK 1992
      Temasek Polytechnic Performance Award 2000


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