Battle of the Keepers

Ben Bishop - Tampa Bay Lightning

Corey Crawford and Ben Bishop are in a battle. The question is who is better? Can Crawford beat Bishop? Or vise versa? Who are you rooting for to be the better goalie?

Speaking of goalies, who do you think is the best goalie of all time? Vote below. If you say other, please tell us who it is in the comment box.

Image by Lisa Gansky (Flickr: IMG_9865) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons



4 thoughts on “Battle of the Keepers

  1. Hi Charlie… I voted for other. I went with Dominik Hasek. He played goalie for the Blackhawks, Sabres, RedWings, and Senators.
    Here are some of his top highlights:
    And his stats:

    He is still leading the record books with a .922 career save percentage. Oh yeah, he also won the Vezina Trophy six times, the Jennings Trophy three times and both the Hart Trophy and Lester B. Pearson Award twice each.


    1. I should have remembered him! He played for Czech Slovakia and won 1 gold medal.4th favorite goalie of all time.


  2. Maybe not the best compared to the technically superior later goalies, but my favorite goalie is Jacques Plante, because he was such an innovator. There may have been others who tried things before him, but he used positional play to cut down the angles, roaming out of the net and poke checking/sweep checking to extend his career and keep forwards guessing what to do to beat him. Plus, he mentored Bernie Parent!


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