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Will The Eagles Be Quarterback Shopping Again?

Interceptions. That is the one word we use to discuss Sam Bradford. To be fair, the Eagles’ wide receivers have missed easy catches. Jordan Matthews couldn’t catch a pillow without drmarcus-mariota-nfl-preseason-st.-louis-rams-tennessee-titans-850x560opping it. Miles Austin has been better than he was as a Brown, but that’s not saying much. So can Bradford stay more than a year? Here are 3 QBs the Eagles could think about:

  1. Marcus Mariota. Why? With Mettenberg holding up the fort (a close loss at Atlanta), Mariota could be in his first and last Titans year. Former Oregon coach Chip Kelly is an Eagle now. Mariota is the perfect fit for the offense.
  2. Tim Tebow. Why? You may be thinking “Again?” but he was one of our top preseason QBs. We seem to like runnable quarterbacks. But Bradford is our first anti-run QB. Tebow may come back alive.
  3. Colin Kaepernick. Why? His 49er years are long gone. With the injuries to Vernon Davis and the moving of Michael Crabtree, he has no targets. He can run and pass. He will be happy to say good bye to Kam Chancellor interceptions. Would he do it? Maybe.

What do you think? Please respond in the poll below. For other, write in comment box.


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