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Super Bowl LI

This was not what we wanted to see. We wanted to see a Roethlisberger comeback, with a strike to Antonio Brown to win.  We wanted a Rodgers Hail Mary to win the game. But no, here we are, with a pair of teams that are just 1-2 combined against the Eagles in 2 years.

How to beat New England: To beat New England, you have to blitz. No CB Blitz where you take away a man from Hogan, the LB Blitz is what you do. In the 2016 AFC Championship game at Denver, Miller and Ware got after Brady every play. You must run him out of the pocket and play Man-to-Man. Don’t let anyone get away. In the Eagles game, it proved that you need to win special teams.

On offense, you can’t pass to start. The Pats have no D-Line. If the Patriots let Freeman and Coleman run wild, the game is over and the Falcons win. When New England tries to fix the run, go straight to the pass game.

How to beat Atlanta: Do not double cover Julio. You double cover Julio, you leave Sanu open. You cover Sanu, you leave Tamme open. You cover Tamme, you leave Gabriel open. You cover Gabriel, you leave Hardy open. See where I’m going, right? They have a lot of targets.

On offense, you pass the ball constantly. And you keep the ball away from Vic Beasley Jr.

Summary: Atlanta can’t be beaten, New England can be. And yet the Eagles beat them both. Sigh, what could have been?gty_626141052.jpg


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