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An Odyssey of a Bird

“HUT Hut! Hut Hut! Hike!” Wentz takes the snap. Has no protection, flag thrown in the backfield? Wentz throws, Ertz Touchdown! There are hints that it might be a Philadelphia holding. Let’s hear what the ref has to say. “Holding, Offense number 71. 5 Yard penalty, replay 3rd down.” That’s Jason Peters!

The Eagles fans heard that more than once this season, and not just for Peters. In the Eagles blowout, 32-14 loss vs. Cincy, the Eagles had 10 penalties for 88 yards. Despite how long Peters has stayed in Philly, it’s pretty clear: retire like you said you would, or you won’t be in Philly for long.

The Eagles QB lineup is simple:

  1. Carson Wentz, North Dakota St.
  2. Chase Daniel, Missouri
  3. Aaron Murray, Georgia

Yeah, that’s right. Aaron Murray. We have been forced to take one of Andy Reid’s players from Georgia. That’s Sad. Also sad? Coming into the season, the Eagles three QBs had 1 combined NFL win. Wentz had a good season, but he must learn to trash the ball, not take a sack or force it out.

In the NFL draft, the Eagles need a WR. Don’t be surprised to see Clemson’s Mike Williams  or Oklahoma’s DeDe Westbrook. Later in the draft, you might even see PSU’s Chris Godwin. Then, Philly can focus on Jahad Thomas or a QB to back up Wentz, like BYU’s Taysom Hill.


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