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Does Hackenberg want to be a Jet?

The Jets have flared up all kinds of controversy QB wise, not the least of which signing Josh McCown, an injury riddled QB with a below average arm and average QB smarts. The Jets will be McCown’s 7th team in 14 years. He averages just 1017 passing yards per season, throwing for below 2000 yards in 9 seasons. Ryan Leaf averaged more passing yards per season than McCown. McCown has never started all 16 games. McCown averages 5.64 passing TDs per season. McCown does, however, top Tom Brady in some categories, such as fewer interceptions per season with 4.92, because Brady has only missed 34 starts in his career, including his suspension, his injury and his career as a backup to Bledsoe to McCown’s 112 missed games. Still, after all these stats, the Jets want McCown over two young arms named Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. So where could Hackenberg go instead?

  1. Houston Texans. Where else? A reunion with former Penn State coach Bill O’Brien should be in the writing, and Houston needs someone else. Tom Savage might not be the most dependable next year, and I would be surprised if 1st round pick Deshaun Watson started a game. I think he’ll sit out, like what the Eagles did to Donovan McNabb. But then again, that is what we thought would happen to Carson Wentz…
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He won’t get to be starter, but there is a solid chance he could be 2nd string here. He could join an emerging team with a solid WR corps, including his fellow PSU man, Chris Godwin.
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars. Eventually, Blake Bortles will get benched. Chad Henne is good, but Hackenberg would be better.  The Jaguars have a history of signing PSU players, and last year had 7 on the roster. Familarity would do Hackenberg well, and he’ll get to play with his favorite WR, Allen Robinson.


Others: Steelers, Eagles, Titans, Panthers, 49ers

Think I’m missing one? Respond in comment box!



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