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Owls get Blown Out in Collins’ Temple debut

Before the Notre Dame-Temple matchup, the question circling the Owls campus like a vulture was, “Who’s the Quarterback?”.  Now it is, “How long will Geoff Collins stay?” After a 49-16 loss, the Owls are already missing Matt Rhule. When Rhule was the coach, a much more talented Fighting Irish side struggled in a 24-20 victory. Now? Times have changed. Granted, Temple had a new quarterback, (more in paragraph 2), but so did Notre Dame. So, what went wrong?

  1. The Quarterback. Now, Logan Marchi had a good stat line in his first Temple game. He was 19-35 with 245 passing yards and 2 TDs. However, his play calling was not great, he clearly lacked leadership and experience, and he is not a mobile QB. He was sacked 3 times and rushed for a loss 1 time, which adds up for -21 yards. I would’ve started 3-star recruit Anthony Russo. Hopefully, Marchi will improve if there is no quarterback change.
  2. Special teams. Normally Temple shines here, with solid returners and Alex Starzyk and Austin Jones. Wrong. Two different returns got two total returns for two yards. Austin Jones was 1/2 and kicked just one PAT, and Starzyk had 6 punts with an average of 37.7 yards per punt and a long of 46.
  3. Missing star players. Last but not least, it was clear Temple missed some star players from the past. The O-line missed Dion Dawkins. Jahad Thomas, Robby Anderson, and PJ Walker were missed at skill positions, and Temple’s defense missed Matakevich, Praise Martin, and, well, everyone.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be at the Penn State game…


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