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Do wins really determine how good pitchers are?

Cy Young is the best pitcher in baseball. He has the most wins ever, and his career ERA is 2.63. But wins aren’t all that matter. To truly understand the best pitcher ever, one must go past the wins. Cy Young may have had the most wins, but he also had the most losses with 316. Cy Young never faced a steroid injected batter like McGwire or even a heavy hitter such as Albert Pujols. Heck, Cy Young never even faced Babe Ruth. His entire career, 1890 to 1911, was the dead ball era. Maybe the “worst pitcher of all time”, Jose Lima, would have won 800+ games in the dead ball era. So who really is the best pitcher of all time?

Nolan Ryan? He is also widely considered as best pitcher for most people, but not me. You have to be consistent as a pitcher, and just 32 more wins than losses aren’t consistent in my book. People trouble the Mets about losing him, but in his two seasons with them, he was 0-1 with a 15.00 ERA and then 6-9 with a 3.09 ERA. He won more than 20 games in a season just twice and lost more than 10 games 16 times in 27 seasons.

Randy Johnson? Not an option for many, but he comes close. He has most of the checkmarks, such as 300+ wins. The win to loss difference is 137. He owns a 3.29 career ERA, but he did not play for a team that struggled. His selection of teams was in fact rather good with bats.

Steve Carlton? Bullseye. In spite of the fact that he tried to keep his career going when it was already over, signing with the White Sox, Twins, Indians and Giants, he won 329 with a win to loss difference of 85 and an ERA of 3.22, including one season of 1.97 ERA in 41 starts. He also played for a team that struggled, winning 27 on a team that would have won just 32 games without him.

The AL’s two top Cy Young award contenders last year, Happ and Porcello, went a combined 42-8 last year, but are just 6-13 this year. Oh, and Happ’s injured. So maybe wins aren’t everything.

Think I missed anyone? Respond in the comment box!

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Fightin’ Phils, Flyers, 76ers & Eagles

In 2008, we saw the Phillies take the World Baseball Championship Series thanks in part to a lot of… trash talking. We saw Brett Myers defend Jimmy Rollins in his media battle against the Mets’ Carlos Beltran. In our NLCS Game 3, we saw Shane Victorino angrily point at his head and exchange words moments after an 80 mph fastball forced him to duck to avoid becoming the next Ray Chapman.

In 1974, some of us saw the Flyers (didn’t see that one coming, did you?) take the Stanley Cup thanks to aggressive fights. Nobody ever saw a game without seeing why Bobby Clarke became toothless, or Dave “The Hammer” Schulz pound anyone who came close to insulting his team.

In 2005, we saw why Eagles fans started ( and stopped) liking T.O. We saw how his trash talking would make even the biggest mouths in the league such as Ochocinco or teammate Freddie Mitchell cower in fright.

In numerous years, we saw Allen Iverson dunk gleefully over an opponent and spend ultimately half the game bragging about one play. Sometimes he performed. Sometimes he didn’t. But no one can ever take away the effect his mouth had on the game.

If the Philly teams want to win, they have to keep up the tough demeanor. They need to stay wild, loose, rough and big time all the time. We have a nine-year championship drought, and while I don’t mean to sound like the Yankees Fans who think they are in a championship drought after 1 year, that is a long time.

(Caution: If you are using this to motivate Philly fans, you can skip the 3rd Paragraph)


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Philadelphia Phillies

As of 4/13/17, our Philadelphia Phillies are 3-6. Yeah, not good. Clay Bucholz and his enormous salary are 0-1, injured and have a 12.27 ERA. Unless he is the next ageless Jamie Moyer, the Phils are likely to lose 40-year old Joaquin Benoit to retirement. So far, the Vince Velasquez of last year looks like a fluke, at 0-2 with a 9.00 ERA. And players like Jerad Eickhoff have no offensive help at all, with a loss somehow while posting a beautiful 1.98 ERA for a starter. Meanwhile, players such as Nola have tons of offense, with a win yet 4.50 ERA. So how do we fix it?

Well, Clay Bucholz has to go. I don’t care if he always has a slow season start, we need players who will constantly perform. Maybe we could send him and Tommy Joseph to the Athletics for SP Sonny Gray and former Phillies CP Ryan Madson. Sonny Gray might be a price, but it would be a price worth paying. When your career record is 38-31 for the lowly A’s, you have to be good. Plus, he won’t have to pitch as much, so he won’t get hurt.

Also, let Daniel Nava play more. In 7 at-bats, he has 4 hits, a double, .571 batting average, 2 homers and 2 walks. He has been out once! He has more homers than Mets star slugger Curtis Granderson. If we do trade Tommy Joseph like I think we should, who will replace him at 1B? I’ll give you a hint: his last name is Nava.

Hopefully, the Phillies can pull this out, but it looks slim. Don’t be surprised if the Phillies are out of playoff contention before you can say, “Joe Carter”.

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Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Finally!

With one out to go, the Cubs leading 8-7 in the bottom of the tenth, Micheal Montgomery stepped up for 25-year-old Carl Edwards Jr. Montgomery let up a dribbling grounder to third, and Kris Bryant tossed it to first baseman Anthony Rizzo (below) who caught it for the final out for the Cubs first World Series since 1908.

The Cubs have now gotten over the curse of the Billy Goat, and other bad moments (Look up Steve Bartman). But this leaves one question: How much longer will Cubs fans have to wait for next time?image

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Royals Win World Series Final

How many errors can you make? Mets’ Murphy made a costly error that gave KC the 3-1 series lead. Later, the Mets’ catcher missed the ball that helped the Royals into extra innings. Five runs in the 12th inning gave the Royals a 7-2 victory. Christian Colon had the hit to take the lead in the 12th, the winner. It was their first World Series Championship in 30 years.

Though the Mets made mistakes, the Royals put up a challenge. Here are the Royals’ stats from ESPN:


Until next World Series, Play Ball!