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Fightin’ Phils, Flyers, 76ers & Eagles

In 2008, we saw the Phillies take the World Baseball Championship Series thanks in part to a lot of… trash talking. We saw Brett Myers defend Jimmy Rollins in his media battle against the Mets’ Carlos Beltran. In our NLCS Game 3, we saw Shane Victorino angrily point at his head and exchange words moments after an 80 mph fastball forced him to duck to avoid becoming the next Ray Chapman.

In 1974, some of us saw the Flyers (didn’t see that one coming, did you?) take the Stanley Cup thanks to aggressive fights. Nobody ever saw a game without seeing why Bobby Clarke became toothless, or Dave “The Hammer” Schulz pound anyone who came close to insulting his team.

In 2005, we saw why Eagles fans started ( and stopped) liking T.O. We saw how his trash talking would make even the biggest mouths in the league such as Ochocinco or teammate Freddie Mitchell cower in fright.

In numerous years, we saw Allen Iverson dunk gleefully over an opponent and spend ultimately half the game bragging about one play. Sometimes he performed. Sometimes he didn’t. But no one can ever take away the effect his mouth had on the game.

If the Philly teams want to win, they have to keep up the tough demeanor. They need to stay wild, loose, rough and big time all the time. We have a nine-year championship drought, and while I don’t mean to sound like the Yankees Fans who think they are in a championship drought after 1 year, that is a long time.

(Caution: If you are using this to motivate Philly fans, you can skip the 3rd Paragraph)


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Stanley Cup Crush?

As the Penguins won Game 2, my Predictions for the Sharks look low. The Penguins won, 2-1, to lead the series 2-0. However, I think the Sharks still have a chance for these reasons:

  1. Joe Thornton is the Kimmo Timonen of last year. The aged veteran will likely be playing in his last year, so he will be trying harder than ever before to win. He has 377 goals, and is arguably the Sharks’ best player.
  2. Marc-Andre Fleury will be the Sharks’ friend. He has 206 losses, a 2.56 GAA, and 1,606 Goals let in. The Sharks will be in trouble if Matt Murray is in net, though.
  3. Joe Pavelski has 266 goals, and will likely score more this series. In the last 3 games versus the Blues, he had 4 goals. Fleury and/or Murray can’t hold on forever, and Pavelski is sure to strike.

I’m not sure any other team could come back versus the Penguins, but it would take a team as legendary as the 76-77′ Canadiens. Stay calm and Bite on!th